IHR Advanced Website Services - Advantages

There are many advantages to using IHR Advanced Website Services, including:

Advantage Explanation
1. Reduced costs
  • Many users pay large one-time fees for many of these applications (e.g. blog, message board, memberships, content management) and then also must pay a programmer to install the application.
  • IHR has already installed the Advanced Services on the IHR server. So you don't need to pay the one-time expenses for the applications or for programmers to install the applications. IHR only needs to turn on the Services and configure them for your needs.
2. Enhanced security
  • It is typical for a programmer to install an application (e.g. content management system, blog, or message board) on a website and then "disappear" and not be responsible for installing ongoing security patches. This leaves the website open to hackers who get in through the application holes.
  • IHR installs the security patches, so you don't need to keep track of that.
3. Timely enhanced features
  • Typically after users install applications on their websites, they don't get to use the advantages of new features, because the applications are too customized or the no one goes back to install the feature updates.
  • IHR will be continually updating our Advanced Services with new enhancements, so you don't need to keep track of that.
4. Add Advanced Services as you need them
  • You do not need to start with any of the Advanced Website Services. You can add them as you need them.


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