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IHR uses the following industry-standard security to protect your data.

Server Security

IHR uses numerous procedures and technology to secure our egg donor databases, including:

  1. We use separate front end (website) server and backend (database) server. This strategy adds an additional security layer, as it does not allow direct access to the database server from within the front-end software.
  2. Our entire egg donor database runs under secure https.
  3. We use Rackspace hosting...they are a solid, reliable, leading provider of hosting services.


Although we don't expect to ever have to restore data from backups, if there should ever be a data crash, IHR uses the following data backup strategies:

  1. We back up the database data every four hours.
  2. We also take an image snapshot of the entire database data, once a day.

Additional Security Procedures

  1. The donor databases uses a very strong permission system based on the roles of the users. For example, Org Admins can see the name and email address of their recipients and donors, but recipients and donors can only look at their person contact information.
  2. Rackspace applies security patches to our database backend (where the data is actually held).
  3. IHR works with a database company that regularly applies security patches to our database front-end (what you see on the screen).


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