Release 3 Donor Database -
Instructions for Testing Our Private Donor Database

IHR Egg Donor Databases - Home Page

 Please use the instructions below to test our upcoming Release 3 Private Egg Donor Database. Some initial comments:

  • You will be testing inside a test database. The final site will be at a different web address.
  • The donors are test donors. They do not represent real people.
  • As you test, please provide feedback (e.g., questions, enhancements, bug reports), by clicking on the "feedback" link, in the lower right corner of many admin screens. Doing this will help us provide a donor database that meets your business needs.

SECTION A.  Test as a Recipient and a Donor

  1. Start in the ORG #1 private database home page -

    NOTE - If you're currently logged in as a user, then logout.
  2. Now login as this previously approved user:
          Username:  user1
          Password:  user135
  3. Notice the following features on this Private Donor Database home page:
    1. There is search filter area in the navigation bar.
    2. You can sort on the column headings.
  4. Now, click on the "Donor 1-1" link to access her donor details page.
  5. Click the "View Donor Gallery" button to access her photo gallery, and review the photo slide show, then close the gallery.
  6. Review her information and documents in her donor details page.  NOTE - The following features are also in the donor database, however, they are temporarily hidden from recipients...recipients will be able to:
    1. view donor videos
    2. add ratings for their favorite donors
    3. send questions about a donor to the donor coordinator
  7. Return to the Private Dbase home page -  - and now test the search filters in the navigation bar. For example, click on the "Basic Information" and look for all the "available" donors.
  8. Click on the navigation bar "Home Page" link to return to the Private Database home page.
  9. Now, you can review our Partner Donor Database:
    1. Notice that the  ORG #1 Private Database home page contains a list of their donors.
    2. However, you can also click on the link that says "Display our partners' egg donors" to review the page of ORG #1's partners' donors.
    3. If you're interested in possibly ordering a Partner Donor Database, then contact IHR.

SECTION B.  Test as a Donor Program Administrator

  1. Log out as the earlier user.
  2. Now log in as the Org Admin for ORG #1:
    • Username: org1-admin
    • Password:  IHR will email you the password; you can also contact IHR to get the password 
  3. Notice that you have an administrative navigation bar for TEST ORG #1 donor program.
  4. Click on the different navigation bar links to view your administrative screens.

     NOTE - Please only review the pages - don't change any settings on the screens.

SECTION C.  Additional Information


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