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Following is the "IHR Web Development and Hosting Terms of Agreement" which contains the following sections:

A. General Terms
B. Charges
C. Payment Terms
D. Adding an IHR Link on a Client's Web Page
E. IHR's Clients Can Create or Update Their Own Web Pages
F. Web Statistics Reports
G. Leaving IHR's Web Hosting/Promotion Package Service

A. General Terms

  • Changes to Agreement and services: IHR reserves the right to change this Agreement, IHR's services, and IHR's charges at any time. In such an event that would materially impact IHR's clients, prior notification of 30 days will be given to Clients.
  • Right to use material: In order to place publicly-accessible material on IHR's Web server, the Client must either own the copyright to the material or must have the right to use the material (e.g., via licensing agreement). By placing such material on the Internet, the Client claims they own one of these rights to use the material.

B. Charges

  • IHR’s hourly charges for the Client's website development and hosting include time spent on activities such as research, design, development, enhancements, server-setup, Domain Name changes, meetings, telephone conversations, emailing, and travel.
  • The projected hourly charges to develop and host the Client’s website are only an estimate. Actual charges may vary, depending upon, for example, the condition of the submitted materials, graphics work, additional work requests, number of hypertext links, and the complexity of the website, Domain Name issues.
  • The following Web pages describe IHR's service charges in more detail:

C. Payment Terms

  • For initial website development services, IHR requires a deposit of 50% of the estimated website development charges prior to commencement of work. The remainder of the charges will be due upon subsequent monthly invoicing.
  • For the IHR hosting and promotion package, IHR invoices the Client in advance of the service(s).
  • The Client is expected to pay for each invoice in full when due. IHR does not carry running balances.
  • If the Client does not provide payments on time (typically within 30 days) and if IHR provides prior notification, then IHR reserves the right to:
    • Discontinue work
    • Cancel the monthly service. If the Contract is cancelled, the Client will still owe any outstanding balance to IHR.
    • Remove any or all web pages from IHR's server
    • Remove the Client's server configuration entry, so the website no longer displays.
    • Remove any of the Client's "redirects" from IHR's server
  • IHR accepts check or credit card payments. Checks should be made payable to "Internet Health Resources."

D. Adding an IHR Link on a Client's Web Page

IHR typically adds a small unobtrusive hyperlink to the bottom of one of the client's web pages that says something like "Website developed by IHR.com."

E. IHR's Clients Can Create or Update Their Own Web Pages

Typically, IHR creates and updates web pages for Clients. However, IHR's Clients can also create or update their own web pages, as per the following guidelines:

  • IHR will work with the Client, or the Client's website developer, to provide access to the server, at IHR's standard hourly charge.
  • The Client is required to add links to IHR at the bottom of the Client's web pages.  Details and explanation are in the "IHR Links Added to Client's Web Pages" section above.
  • IHR will first review the IHR links prior to providing FTP access to upload the new web pages to IHR's server.
  • The page Using Your Own Website Developer to Update Your Website provides additional information

F. Web Statistics Reports

IHR provides web statistics reports to clients who host their websites on IHR's server. Following is IHR's policy concerning web statistics reports:

  • A client's web statistics are private and confidential and IHR will never share those statistics with any other party, unless the client first provides authorization.
  • On occasion, IHR reviews Clients' web statistics reports in order to:
    • gather aggregate data about IHR's services and general web traffic statistics
    • assess the Client's web site traffic, including reviewing if search engines are appropriately sending traffic to the Client's website

G. Leaving IHR’s Web Hosting/Promotion Package Service

If the Client wishes to move their website from the IHR web Hosting/Promotion Package service to another hosting service provider, here are some action items to consider:

  • Provide thirty Days Notice (required):  In order to set up a transition in a timely manner, IHR requires 30 days notice prior to the move.
  • Pay unpaid balance (required):   Any unpaid balance will be immediately due and payable.
  • Maintain your promotional Description Listing on Infertility Resources (optional):  Currently, IHR's hosted customers typically receive substantial qualified traffic from IHR's Infertility Resources website.
  • You may want to review Advantages of Using IHR for Your Website Hosting and Promotion to assess what services you might be losing if you leave IHR's Hosting and Promotion service.
  • The following website services will probably not automatically work if you move your site to a new server. You will need to have a programmer recode configuration files and web pages:
    • a) web statistics reports
    • b) online email web forms
    • c) any special CGI scripts which IHR has set up for your site

Feel free to contact IHR if you have any questions or comments.

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