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IHR has received many unsolicited testimonials from our clients for our excellent website development/maintenance services.

  • "This looks great. You do such nice work. We appreciate you so."
  • "You are magical!! Thanks!"
  • "Thank you for following up, believe me, your attention to detail and courtesy are some of the main reasons we will continue to work with IHR."
  • "I want to extend my sincere appreciation for your continued work hosting [and updating] our site. I am very happy with the job you and the team consistently do for our center."
  • "It looks great!!!!...thanks for the hard work."
  • "The website is looking soooo good. I am very excited. Thank you both for all your hard work and putting up with our constant requests."
  • "What I've seen completed to this point looks great! You do such nice work!!!"
  • "You have done a wonderful job of keeping us at the top of the search engines.... I appreciate all your effort. Obviously you are very good at what you do."
  • "I just wanted to update you on my experience with Sally and Priscilla. They are very responsive, professional, knowledgeable and they are doing a beautiful job with our site. I am so happy with the changes and honestly cannot wait for the new site to go live!"...Thank you so much for everything....You all have done a beautiful job on our site."
  • "I'm very pleased with the over all look and feel of the site, I think your team is doing an excellent job!"
  • "I like them [the two look-and-feel designs] both. I like the sweeping arcs of design one better than the straight lines, but I like the deep green colors of design 2 better than the brightness of design 1. I do like the flower watermark on the design one page. If I had to choose between the two as they are, it would have to be design 1. The _____ are a great touch in both. This is fun!"
  • "It looks great! It is amazing how well you captured the appearance I have in mind. Thank you for your great work."
  • "I would like to let you know how happy I am with the site. We got over 14K hits last month and I have been adding a lot of info. When a patient 'Googles' : "_______", our is the 1st site to come up."
  • "NICE JOB! :-) Wow!"
  • "Hi, I've got a smile to share with you. The Yahoo search pulled up [the website] as first on the list, and man you should have seen them [the staff] smile! Nice work. My compliments to the cook!"
  • "Very nice work! I am OK with all of it. Thank you & that made my life so much easier."
  • "Our Web site has been a good instrument to bring in patients to us. Thanks. We like the way it looks."
  • "The website is doing great. Am getting lots of traffic. Vasectomy reversal cases continue to increase. We are happy with the service that IHR is providing."
  • "Wow! you work fast!!  It looks fantastic...I totally agree with all of your changes...." (for website maintenance work)
  • "All of you do a great job [on our website]!
  • "We have also received a lot of complements on the new website look."
  • "I have been meaning to tell you that you...were right about the web site. Many patients like it and we have had many schedule appointments because of it. I am going to send some more patient info concerning topics of interest in the near future."
  • "Thanks. I think you did a great job....I really wanted to to give patients a lot more info.... this will lead to more hits."
  • "The website is great. It has far exceeded my expectations. Today, I already received about seven requests for information....I trust your recommendations. After all these years of using IHR services, you've always been correct."
  • "Oh, I am glad ... Thanks, a pure joy dealing with you ..."
  • "We all agree that this is looking really good. It's cleaner and more professional looking!!!...Thank you for everything. It looks wonderful, so far."
  • "I was reviewing all of the pages. You have done so much work, and it looks great! ... WoW!!!!"
    This site is so exciting!!!!!! ... You have done an outstanding job!! We are so excited!
  • "Did anyone ever tell you how great you are!  Well, I'm telling you. We have so many compliments on our website all of the time. I'm very happy that you're the one working on it."
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