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No matter your budget, every IHR-built website includes all of the following important factors:

  • Fifteen years of expertise in developing fertility websites
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is built into every website, from the ground up
  • Attractive, professional website design
  • Content management system, which allows you to update your website at any time (no need to ask us to make your web page updates)

We build websites to meet your needs and budget

We use the following two major state-of-the-art technologies to meet your needs and budget:


  • Allows for relatively easy website development to keep your costs down
  • Has some beautiful look-and-feel themes for creating web page templates
  • Comes with built-in web pages and blogs
  • Recommended for most typical fertility provider practices
  • Example of recent site
  • Typical sites are $4,000-$6,000


  • This AWS technology provides lots of additional website functionality (e.g., message boards, member areas, polls, podcasting, YouTube videos, etc.)
  • You can easily add these new features to your website, via pre-built modules, when you're ready
  • Recommended for fertility practices and organizations that need numerous advanced features
  • Example of recent site
  • Typical sites are $5,000-$9,000

Breakdown of website development costs

Start with a basic five-page website:

Charge for Wordpress Website Charge for
Drupal Website
IHR will:
  • Define client needs and specs
  • Set up the server host
  • Create website structure
  • Add five simple web pages
  • Use ready-made free theme
$3,000 $3,500

Then, you can add more pages and features, whenever you wish. Here are some examples:

Additional Charges  (Wordpress website) Additional Charges  (Drupal website)
1. Customized look-and-feel:    
    * Customize a free theme $1000 $1500
    * Or a totally customized website theme $2000 $2000
2. Additional web pages: If you do the work, you can add additional web pages at no additional charge. Or, you can hire IHR to add the additional web pages, for the following charges    
    * Additional simple web pages $75/page $75/page
    * Additional complex web pages $110/page $110/page
3. Photo slide show (10 photos) $500 $500
4. Blog free $200
5. Google Analytics web statistics $200 $200
6. Domain email - e.g., DrJones@abcclinic.com, rather than using a mail hosting provider's email address (e.g., DrJones@yahoo.com) $300 $300
7. Additional features - select from our AWS technology list    



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