IHR.com Advantages Over
PPC Search Engines

Some infertility organizations purchase keywords on Pay Per Click (PPC) search engines (e.g., Google AdWords), which provide the following features and benefits:

  • You only pay for the click-thru traffic that comes to your site. You don't pay for "page views," as you would with banner ads.
  • You can purchase the exact keywords you wish (e.g. "tubal reversal") in order to get qualified traffic for those keywords.

The IHR.com PPC Program offers the following advantages over standard PPC search engine promotion:

  Promotion via the
IHR.com PPC Program
Promotion via standard
PPC search engines
Sends qualified buyers? YES. Users start on IHR.com directories of providers or products, so when they click thru to client sites, they are likely to be interested in purchasing those services or products. MAYBE. If a user finds your site via keywords such as "tubal reversal" they may not be interested in purchasing tubal reversal services. Rather, they may be looking for tubal reversal educational information.
Sends qualified regional traffic? YES. IHR's pages send highly qualified traffic to local service providers. The users are actively looking for a provider in IHR's clients local areas. TYPICALLY NO. If your office is located in New York and a user living in Los Angeles finds your site via keywords such as "tubal reversal" they are not likely to fly to New York for your services.
Minimal competition in your category? YES. For almost every category, IHR.com pages display less competitive listings in a category. This is in part due to IHR.com pages successive screening, which sends only the most highly qualified traffic to your site. TYPICALLY NO. In most categories, standard PPC engines display more competitive listings than IHR.com pages, because they attract more advertisers and their listings are not highly filtered.
Keep costs down? YES. IHR typically charges a PPC rate that is considerably less than PPC search engines. MAYBE. In Dec 2012, IHR found that the typical fertility keywords on Google Adwords were running about $3.50 per click-thru.

The click-thru charges have steadily been rising. In 2007, this cost was about about $1.50 per click-thru.

User has the assurance of finding your site thru an infertility site? YES. IHR.com pages are devoted to infertility and provide an added assurance to Internet users. NO. Standard PPC search engines are too broad to provide this kind of assurance.
Full 25-word description to explain your services or products? YES. You can write a full 25-word description. NO. PPC search engine limit is less than 25 words.
You spend minimal time (and worry) maintaining your promotional traffic ? YES. IHR adds your listing and you don't have to worry about maintaining your placements and bids. NO. You can spend considerable time optimizing your keywords and bids to continue getting traffic from PPC search engines. Having out of date bids can cost you excessive and unnecessary expenses.


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