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Since 2006, IHR has  provided Private Donor Databases to allow our clients to display their egg donors on their website.

In December 2016, we launched our latest version (Rel 3) of our Private Donor Database, with the following features. This page is written for a donor program administrator.

As a donor program administrator, you can...

  1. Set up a header image for your donor database
  2. Determine the colors of your private database
  3. Specify the access levels (moderate or restricted)
  4. Approve or deny a user's group membership, via email templates
  5. Review the online status of applicant users and approved users
  6. Expire a recipient
  7. Edit donor information
  8. Rank how high a donor will display in your listings
  9. Display donor photos and videos
  10. Cut off donor access to update their info, when appropriate (e.g. after you make them live)
  11. Track each recipient's favorite donors
  12. Track your recipients' favorite donors
  13. Communicate directly with donors and recipients inside the donor database
  14. Track ongoing communication threads with each recipient, about specific donors
  15. Export key donor data to a CSV file
  16. Select which filter fields you wanted to display for your private database - e.g. if you didn't collect ACT scores, then you could remove the ACT search filter
  17. Receive an advisement email when a recipient or donor updates their contact information
  18. Discontinue using IHR-supplied recipient and donor application forms, if you want to use your own website forms. However, please note that IHR does not recommend this option.

Recipients and donors can...

  1. Set up their own username and password
  2. Complete online application forms... and then the following occurs within your donor database:
    • The donor database will send you a notification email.
    • Their form submission data will populate your Private Donor Database.
    • You can then approve or deny their applications. You'll have an online record of your actions.

Recipients can...

  1. Search on up to 24 search fields in the database
  2. Rate their favorite donors
  3. Ask for more information about a donor while they are inside the donor database

Additional Information

  1. For our Release 3, we've developed three different donor databases:
    1. Private Egg Donor Database - this is the donor database you are now reviewing
    2. Partner Egg Donor Database - totally new donor database service - You can use this database to display your donors as well as your partners' donors. Our Partner Donor Database offers lots of exciting business advantages.
    3. National Egg Donor Database - totally new donor database service - IHR will own and operate this donor database on our website. We will send you prospective donors and recipients.
  2. Private Egg Donor Database - Release 3 Enhancements - This page is primarily written for IHR clients who are currently using our Private Donor Database, so that they can compare the old donor database with the new donor databaase.
  3. Instructions for testing our new Private Donor Database - We encourage you to test drive the upcoming Release 3 Private Donor Database.
  4. IHR Egg Donor Database Security - IHR uses industry-standard security procedures

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