Website Hosting / Maintenance Package Services

This package of services is for IHR clients who:

IHR offers a website Hosting/Maintenance Package, which is more than simply hosting your website. It is a package of services designed to help you have a successful website, including:

  • hosting
  • website maintenance
  • website search engine optimization

You would derive all the advantages of our Hosting/Promotion Package, with the exception of item #1.

The charge is $50/month. Here are the services:

Services included in the  IHR Hosting/Maintenance Package Explanation
Hosting IHR hosts your Web site on our fast, reliable Internet computer. The hosting/promotion package includes 30 megabytes of storage space. A 30-page website typically needs under one megabyte of storage space. Additional storage space is available.
Domain name email address For example,
Online hosted website statistics reports You can review your Web statistics report online with your Web browser.
Access to update your website IHR can offer you, or your website developer, file transfer access to update your website
Additional hosting features IHR offers the following additional hosting features. A one-time setup up fee may apply. Contact IHR for details.
  • Secure transactions (SSL)
  • RealServer and other multimedia applications
  • The following databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, or mSQL
  IHR can also provide the following services, at your request. Labor charges will apply.
Move your website to IHR's server If your site is on another server, IHR will perform the needed Domain Name changes, upload your site to IHR's server, set up IHR's server for your site, and perform all the needed coordination for this change.
Promote your website in search engines You can use IHR to register your Web site in popular search engines. This service is only offered to clients who obtain IHR's Hosting/Promotion or Hosting/Maintenance packages.
Ongoing website maintenance You will have IHR website developers, graphic artists, and programmers available to help you update your website. This service is only offered to clients who obtain IHR's Hosting/Promotion or Hosting/Maintenance packages.
Consultations to improve your Internet marketing strategy IHR can help you enhance your Internet marketing strategy, including, for example, marketing into a new state or providing new services.
Improve search engine rankings
  • Monitor the ranking of your website in search engines
  • Manage the ranking of your website  in search engines.  IHR operates special software to help websites obtain higher ratings in Internet search engines.
  • This service provided to clients upon request

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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