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If you would like IHR to host your website, please first call IHR at 925-284-9362 to discuss some of the issues about migrating your website. Some initial comments:

  • Please complete this Order Form if you plan to migrate your website to IHR hosting and don't plan on making any significant updates, at least initially, to your website. However, if you primarily want IHR is to create a new website look-and-feel, then please complete the Website Development Order Form.
  • IHR offers a website Hosting/Promotion package of services, which is more than simply hosting your website.

1. Review the IHR agreement and monthly charges:

2. Enter the Web address (URL) of your current website home page:

3. If you own other domain names that you want hooked up to your website, enter all of those domain names here:

4. Check off whether you will use your domain name in your email address or whether you'll use your ISP's email address.

Check one box below Type of email
"I'll use my ISP's Domain Name in my email address" - e.g.
"I'll be using my Domain Name in my email address" - e.g. IHR will need to do extra setup work with you and your current ISP to set this up.

5. Enter any special instructions below, such as:

  • Do you use one domain name for your web address and another domain name for your email address?
  • Do you know if you have your own email server in your office?

6. Enter the following information about you and your organization:

Your Name
(First, Last):
Your Title:
Your Telephone:
Your Email Address (required):

7. Enter billing information:

Billing Contact Name
(First, Last):

(If different from your name)
Billing Street Address:
Billing Contact Telephone:

(If different from your telephone)

8. Charges:

The deposit charge for a simple website migration to the IHR server (with minimal IHR updates) is $500. The charge is approximate. Because website setups are so different, the final charge is based on actual time spent migrating your website, not on a  fixed-fee setup charge. Here are some activities IHR typically needs to do:

  • review your web pages to see what technology your website is using
  • review and manage the DNS issues
  • obtain FTP access to your server
  • download your pages
  • upload the pages to the IHR server
  • set up the IHR server configuration files to accept requests for your Domain Name
  • make any needed Web page adjustments (e.g. file pathing) for your website to work on the IHR server
  • test your website and email to ensure it's working on the IHR server before and after the DNS is switched

If you wish to discuss any of the above details prior to submitting this form, please contact IHR.

9. Provide payment information:

Unless you have made other arrangements, IHR will need a $500 deposit to begin migration of your website. Some comments:

  • You can pay via check or credit card.
  • Purchase Orders are acceptable.
  • When the next payment is due, IHR will automatically send an invoice. Then, if paying with credit card, IHR will charge the credit card number on file, a few days later.

a) If paying by credit card, complete the following information in this secure order form:

We accept:
Cardholder name:
Card number:
Expiration date:
Customer code: Located on the back of your credit card

b) If paying by check, click here :

Send check (payable to "Internet Health Resources") to:

Internet Health Resources
1133 Garden Lane
Lafayette, CA 94549

10. Click on the Submit button below.

By completing this form you are agreeing to the IHR Web Development and Hosting Terms of Agreement.


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