Dedicated Promotional Page on

For some clients who want to get lots of very targeted traffic and establish strong branding, IHR offers a dedicated promotional web pages on, as follows:

  • Allows you to stand out.
  • Your dedicated page is educationally oriented, so the reader does not experience your information as a sales pitch.
  • Your dedicated page sends highly qualified traffic to your website, because the reader has already learned a lot about you on before they click through to your website.
  • Text and artwork is supplied by the advertiser.
  • Text should describe the product or services, without using extravagant promotional claims. This will allow it to fit into the overall educational feel of the site.
  • If you are selling a product, then small photo(s) of the product is helpful.
  • Typically, IHR adds two to four hyperlinks (which target your webstie) on your dedicated page. You can see this in the above examples.
  • Payments are made on a monthly basis, via credit credit card, based on IHR's PPC program.
  • Three-months minimum service


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