Three New Egg Donor Databases (Release 3)

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IHR will soon offer the following three egg donor databases (Release 3): 

  1. National Egg Donor Database - NEW SERVICE:
    • IHR will own and operate this donor database website.
    • This database offers you the following main advantages, initially at no cost to you:
      • You will have a new channel to promote your donors
      • We will send you prospective recipients and donors
      • We can batch load your donors for you
  2. Partner Egg Donor Database - NEW SERVICE:
    • Use this database to display your donors as well as your partners' donors, inside of one unified database
    • Use our demo database
    • Our Partner Donor Database offers lots of exciting business advantages
  3. Private Egg Donor Database - ENHANCED EXISTING SERVICE:

    • With this service, you would display your donors on your website. You would not need to pay a programmer to build a donor database.
    • Use our demo database
    • NOTE - If you are a current client, you can view the list of enhancements in our Release 3 Enhancement Changes page.



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