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Release 3 Enhancements

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This page is primarily written for IHR clients who are currently using our Private Donor Database, so that current clients can see the upcoming enhancements to our our Private Donor Database.

Basic Changes

In the old donor database:

  1. You change donor status from "Pending" to "Active" to display the donor
  2. You have very little ability to set up your donor database.

In the new donor database:

  1. You change donor status from "Unpublished" to "Published" to display the donor.
  2. You have lots of options for you to change settings to set up your database. See list of items below.

Enhancements for Donor Coordinators

In the old donor database, administrators could not do the tasks listed below. However, in the new donor database, admins can do all of the following tasks.... and all without IHR assistance:

  1. set up a header image for your donor database
  2. determine the colors of your private database
  3. specify the access levels (moderate or restricted)
  4. rank how high a donor will display in your listings
  5. export key donor data to a CSV file
  6. select which filter fields you wanted to display for your private database - e.g. if you don't collect ACT scores, then you can remove the ACT search filter 

Additional Information

  1. For our Release 3, we've developed three different donor databases:
    1. Private Egg Donor Database - this is the one you are now reviewing
    2. Partner Egg Donor Database
    3. National Egg Donor Database 
  2. IHR has spent many tens of thousands of dollars to develop our three new donor databases. We expect the our clients will find huge value in our enhancements and new services.

    So, due to the very large financial investment and the many new powerful business features in the new Private Donor Database, about three months after we launch this database, we'll be increasing the monthly charges by 50-100% above the current monthly charges. Exact pricing has not yet been determined.
  3. Instructions for testing our new Private Donor Database - We encourage you to test drive the upcoming Release 3 Private Donor Database.
  4. IHR uses industry-standard security procedures.






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