IVF Refund Programs

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IVF refund programs are offered by many IVF clinics. With an IVF refund program, the patient prepays for a certain number maximum number of IVF cycles. If the patient does not take home a baby after that number of cycles, then the patient receives most, or all, of their money back. Some examples:

  • If, after the third cycle, no live birth has occurred, the majority of the fee would be refunded to the patient.
  • If a live birth has occurred on the first or second cycle, the fertility clinic retains the entire fee.

Typical refund program features:

Age limitations Typically contains age limitations
Amount of fee A patient might pay, a discounted fee, in advance, for three IVF cycles.
Minimum number of cycles before getting refund Typically three to five cycles
Amount refunded Typically 70% to 100% (sometimes called "money back guarantee")
Types of services covered Donor egg recipients and couples requiring ICSI are typically eligible for this type of program at slightly higher fees.
Is financing available? Typically the programs also offer financing (i.e., loans).