Infertility and IVF Research Programs

including clinical trials which provide IVF treatment

This web page lists infertility and IVF research programs that are seeking men, women, or couples. Some research programs are clinical trials that provide treatment. IHR adds new research programs as they become known to us, so if you are interested, please check back to this page.

Websites With Links into Lots of Infertility Clinical Trials

  1. CenterWatch - The website contains links to dozens of infertility clinical trials
  2. - The National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine connects patients to clinical trials. The website contains links to hundreds of infertility studies.
  3. FindMeCure - The website contains links to hundreds of infertility studies

 Infertility Clinical Trials

  1. Study - The Impact of Infertility on Occupations and Roles - study of how daily roles and occupations of an individual may be impacted by infertility  ~ posted on 9/10/15
  2. Study of Oral Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) to Treat Previously Unexplained Infertility - The Center for Human Reproduction
  3. The Infertility Experience - A research study that explores the individual's infertility experience. The researcher is inviting women between the ages of 24 – 44 who have received a infertile medical diagnosis (not due to genetic factors). ~ posted on 6/22/16
  4. Pennsylvania State University - "Marital Couples’ Use of Social Networks during Infertility" - Researchers need volunteers who are willing to share their infertility story. Participants would take a confidential online survey about their marriage and social networks in relation to infertility.