Egg Donor and Surrogacy Programs

Florida Fertility Institute egg donor program

This web page contains a list of egg donor programs and surrogacy programs located in the United States, Canada, France, Mexico and Spain.

Egg Donor Programs in the United States:
  Arizona | California - Northern | California - Southern | Colorado | Connecticut | Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Michigan | MinnesotaNew York | North Carolina | Ohio | Oregon | Pennsylvania | South Carolina | Texas | Utah | Washington

Egg Donor Programs outside the United States:
  Canada | Spain

Arizona (AZ)

  • Advanced Fertility Care
    (Scottsdale & Tempe)
    Full-service fertility center with state-of-the-art lab. Excellent success rates and personalized care. Bring your family home with AFC.
  • Fertility Treatment Center
    (Glendale, Tempe & Scottsdale)
    Since 1990, providing infertility diagnosis and treatment. Helping build families with fully screened donors; FDA compliant program. Offering service excellence with personalized and compassionate care.    

California - Northern (CA)

  • Alta Bates In Vitro Fertilization Program
    (San Francisco Bay Area)
    One-stop pregnancy initiation with in-house egg donors and surrogates. Same-sex couples welcome. Innovative personalized approach to cutting-edge technologies within a supportive community hospital setting.
  • UCSF Center for Reproductive Health
    (San Francisco Bay Area)
    Provides a unique combination of outstanding physicians (many of whom are pioneers in their field), expert use of innovative technologies, and personalized patient care.  

California - Southern (CA)

  • Beverly Hills Egg Donation (BHED)
    (Beverly Hills and Tarzana)
    Our experience in the industry drives us to be better. BHED's consultative approach reflects a program that is professional, empathetic, & respectful -- with exceptional donors.   
  • Center for Fertility and Gynecology (CFG)
    (Los Angeles metro)
    Offering anonymous and known egg donation, as well as surrogacy. We provide state-of-the-art fertility techniques, delivered with utmost compassion and professionalism, at lowest possible prices.   
  • HRC Fertility
    (Encino, Fullerton, Laguna Hills, Newport Beach, Oceanside, Pasadena, Rancho Cucamonga, Westlake Village, West Los Angeles)
    Our Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego County clinics host one of the most successful donor egg programs in the U.S. and the world.     
  • Pacific Fertility Center - Los Angeles
    (Los Angeles & Huntington Beach)
    Providing state of the art treatment for patients suffering from infertility from all over the world. Pioneers of the IVF refund plan.   
  • Surrogate Alternatives, Inc.
    (San Diego)
    Our company offers a comprehensive professional program with a low-cost agency fee for clients needing the services of a Surrogate or Egg Donor.   
  • Tree of Life Center

    For the past 15 years the Tree of Life Center has provided individual fertility care in a warm environment to nurture emotional well-being. 
  • Alternative Conceptions Today
    (Beverly Hills)
    Alternative Conceptions Today connects healthy young women with good family histories to people searching for egg donors to help building their families.   

Colorado (CO)

  • Conceptions Reproductive Associates
    (Denver metro and Boulder metro)
    Excellent pregnancy rates. Nationally recognized, award-winning infertility specialists have delivered medical excellence since 1986. Full range of treatment options. Clinical excellence. Compassionate care.

Connecticut (CT)

  • Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT (RMACT)
    (Stamford, Norwalk, Danbury and Trumbull)
    Offering an in-house donor pool, our qualified third-party team conducts comprehensive screening and has in-depth experience matching intended parents with egg donors and gestational carriers.
  • Yale Fertility Center
    (New Haven)
    No waiting time. Meticulous donor screening. Confidentiality. Excellent success rates. Academic environment with immediate access to cutting edge science. Personalized care from a dedicated team.

Florida (FL)

  • Fertility C.A.R.E.
    (Orlando area)
    Orlando IVF/infertility specialists providing the highest quality fertility care in a compassionate setting. We’ve helped hundreds of couples realize their dreams through alternative methods.       
  • Florida Fertility Institute
    We are pleased to have the largest selection of egg donors in the Tampa Bay area and encourage our patients to select their egg donor.    
  • IVF Florida Reproductive Associates
    (Miami, Cooper City, Boca Raton, Jupiter and Naples)
    Comprehensive third party reproduction services including an in-house donor database, low cost multi-recipient cycles, gestational carrier service as well as traditional anonymous egg donation.      
  • IVFMD South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine
    (Miami, Pembroke Pines, Naples and Jupiter)
    Our team of board certified specialists provides a warm, personal, approach to create family one at a time, making dreams come true. 
  • Advocates for Surrogacy
    (Coconut Grove)
    We approach each surrogacy journey on an individualized basis. You’ll have complete access to a professional by your side, guiding you through the entire process.   
  • Center for Reproductive Medicine, Florida (CRM)
    Where dreams are conceived: The Center for Reproductive Medicine brings extraordinary care and compassion to the entire egg donation process.   

Georgia (GA)

  • Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine
    (Perimeter, Buckhead, and Johns Creek)
    Actively seeking egg donors, top compensation for time. We have many pre-qualified donors available for matching. Our personal touch extends to out-of-town recipients.

Hawaii (HI)

Michigan (MN)

Minnesota (MN)

  • Midwest Center for Reproductive Health (MCRH)
    (Maple Grove)
    Specializing in helping couples create their families through egg donation (not surrogacy). Actively seeking motivated women ages 21-32, for donor participation. Call 763-494-7700 or 800-508-9763.

New York (NY)

North Carolina (NC)

Ohio (OH)

  • Bethesda Fertility Center 
    Excellent egg donation success rates. Donors needed - call 800-634-1222. We take great care in securing healthy egg donors through a variety of screenings.
  • Reproductive Assistance Inc.
    (Cincinnati metro)
    RAI has egg donors and surrogates from across the country that are ready to donate. Why wait for a baby of your own?

Oregon (OR)

  • ORM Fertility
    Our comprehensive prescreening process puts you in charge of selecting your egg donor. Our personalized and professional service ensures confidence and satisfaction in your donor.
  • OHSU Fertility Consultants
    One of first egg donor programs in the Northwest. We’ve developed a well-screened large donor pool offering recipients quality donor choices and short waiting periods.

Pennsylvania (PA)

South Carolina (SC)

Texas (TX)

  • Center of Reproductive Medicine (CORM)
    (Houston metro area & Beaumont)
    Founded in 1993, CORM focuses on providing the latest in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) that will give each patient the greatest chance at achieving pregnancy.
  • Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions
    (Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio)
    An agency focused on matching intended parents with compatible surrogates and egg donors. Programs run by former surrogates and egg donors committed to serving you.     
  • Fertility Center of San Antonio
    (San Antonio)
    Successful office-based IVF program matches couples with egg donors, sperm donors and gestational carriers (surrogacy) since 1987. Financing available. Si habla Espanol.   

Utah (UT)

  • Reproductive Care Center
    Our in-house egg donor agency currently has the one of the largest selections of carefully screened egg donors in Utah and the surrounding regions.

Washington (WA)

  • OHSU Fertility Consultants
    (located in Portland, Oregon)
    One of first egg donor programs in the Northwest. We’ve developed a well-screened large donor pool offering recipients quality donor choices and short waiting periods.
  • ORM Fertility - formerly Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine
    Our comprehensive prescreening process puts you in charge of selecting your egg donor. Our personalized and professional service ensures confidence and satisfaction in your donor.  
  • Overlake Reproductive Health
    Egg donors are a critical member of the team that will bring tremendous happiness to a family’s life. Recipients and egg donors please call 425-646-4700.

Egg Donor and Surrogacy Programs
Outside of the United States


  • Fertility Treatment Center
    (located in Arizona, USA)
    Since 1990, providing infertility diagnosis and treatment to patients throughout the world. Fully screened donors; FDA compliant program. Service excellence with personalized and compassionate care.