Assisted Hatching - AH

Assisted hatching is a technique used with IVF. It involves the use of laser to thin the outer shell (zone pellucida) of the fertilized egg, before the embryo is transferred into the uterus. Assisted hatching is used to enhance the embryos ability to hatch, and also implant, after transfer.

It is believed that this outer shell becomes thicker and hardened with aging of the egg (oocyte), and so there is a decreased chance for embryo implantation.

Typical candidates for Assisted Hatching include women:

  • of advanced age (38 years and older)
  • with an elevated elevated basal FSH level
  • with endometriosis
  • with poor quality embryos
  • who have previously had one or more IVF cycle with failure of  embryos to implant though result were otherwise good

Your doctor should recommend Assisted Hatching if he/she thinks it would be beneficial given your particular situation.