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Welcome to the Internet Health Resources (IHR) company website. Since 1995, IHR has worked exclusively with fertility organizations. We develop and host fertility websites, and provide Internet promotion for clients, such as IVF clinics and egg donor agencies. With over 240 clients, IHR is the number one provider of these services. We assist some of the top fertility organizations in the United States, including ASRM.

Background Information About IHR

IHR Services for fertility Organizations

IHR offers the following services to fertility organizations:

IHR Websites

IHR has created, and operates, the following family of fertility websites for consumers and professionals:

  1. Infertility Resources - For consumers: This site contains extensive infertility information, including infertility organizations and clinics, IVF, ICSI, egg donation, financial options, sperm banks, support groups, research, journals, medications, infertility medical supplies, and adoption.
  2. - donor databases for recipients to find egg donors
  3. - For both consumers and professionals: This site contains over 320 infertility books, organized in helpful subject categories.
  4. - For infertility professionals, including physicians, embryologists, nurses, donor egg services, surrogacy services, and clinic office managers: This site provides access to business and clinical information.
  5. - For infertility professionals: This site provides educational information to help infertility organizations develop, host, and promote their infertility websites.
  6. - For consumers: This site contains information about vasectomy reversals and lists vasectomy reversal specialists.
  7. - For consumers: This site contains information about male infertility and lists male infertility specialists.
  8. - For consumers: This site contains information about varicocele and lists varicocele specialists.
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IHR Services for Fertility Organizationss
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