Lawyers Specializing in Reproductive Law

This web page contains a list of lawyers specializing in reproductive law with a focus on family building through third party assisted reproductive techniques including donor egg, donor sperm, traditional and gestational surrogacy, as well as adoption.

Lawyers Specializing in Reproductive Law in the United States:    Connecticut | Florida | Illinois | Ohio | Oklahoma | Texas

Connecticut (CT)

Florida (FL)

Illinois (IL)

  • Law Office of Candace O'Brien
    Law practice specializing in affordable legal consultation and advise in the area of surrogacy and fertility matters including surrogacy and egg donor agreements.        
  • Levy Law Solutions
    Dedicated to helping individuals and couples achieve their dream of growing a family. We specialize in egg donation, sperm donation, gestational surrogacy and embryo donation.        
  • Spence & Elster, P.C.
    (Lincolnshire and Chicago)
    Law firm specializing in egg donation, gestational surrogacy, sperm donation and embryo donation. 

Ohio (OH)

  • Mary Catherine Barrett, Attorney at Law
    Sixteen years legal experience with surrogacy and adoption. Offering compassionate, confidential, expertise assisting families with successful surrogacy arrangements and ovum and embryo donation and adoption.

Texas (TX)

  • The Law Office of Lauren Gaydos Duffer, P.C.
    (Arlington and Dallas)
    Helping create families through embryo donation, egg donation, surrogacy and adoption. Representing surrogates, donors, and intended parent(s) in all legal aspects of surrogacy and donation arrangements.