Sperm Banks

This web page contains a list of sperm banks located in the United States. Here are three types of sperm banking offered on this page:

  • Anonymous - This is the typical service offered by most sperm banks - the sperm donor is anonymous and will remain anonymous.
  • "ID Release" - Some sperm banks offer donors "willing to be known" when a child reaches age 18, at the child's request.
  • Private - Male patients can preserve their ability to procreate, for example, after their cancer treatment is over. A man's sperm can be frozen, then later thawed, and available for future use if that man is unable to naturally produce semen. This is a form of biological insurance.

  1. CryoGam Colorado
    (Loveland, Colorado)
    For over twenty years, CryoGam has offered patient-centered service and affordable prices without compromising quality. Donor sperm and comprehensive sperm banking available.
  2. MAZE Laboratories
    (Westchester, New York & Clifton, New Jersey)
    Precise, comprehensive, state-of-the-art fertility testing and sperm cryobanking. Personalized, individualized care. All patient specimens held in two separate sites.  We do not accept sperm donations.
  3. Seattle Sperm Bank
    (Seattle, Washington)
    US based sperm bank specializing in Open-ID sperm donors. Extensive donor information available: 4 generations of medical history, audio interviews, childhood photos, free staff impressions.