For Recipients:
Egg Donation Medical Procedure directory of egg donor programs

After you (the recipient) are matched with a donor and all contracts are signed, you can begin the egg donation medical procedure.

1. Cycle coordination

You and the egg donor need to be at the start of your menstrual cycles, which is necessary to start egg donation treatment. Even if you don't have a regular menstrual cycle, physicians can induce it��s beginning at the right time.

This process may take several months based on the donor's normal cycle, your normal cycles, and personal schedules. It usually takes 4-6 weeks from the time the donor and the recipient are synchronized with birth control pills until the actual egg retrieval.

2. Egg Donor procedures

You can review the egg donor's medical procedures page to see what medical procedures the egg donor goes through.

3. Pre-Transfer and Transfer

  • Physicians will perform tests to ensure that you're womb has characteristics so that you are medically prepared to be a donor egg recipient.
  • Physicians will ensure there are quality embryos. You and they will decide the number of embryos to transfer.
  • A few days before the intended day for Embryo Transfer, you'll start taking progesterone/oestrogen.
  • On the day of the transfer, the physician will transfer the embryos from the lab into your womb. The physician will use a thin elastic plastic catheter to transfer the embryo(s) through your cervical canal.
  • Then some bed rest at home.