Shared or Split Egg Donor Cycle directory of egg donor programs

A shared (or split) egg donor cycle is one in which two recipients share the eggs provided by the same donor, at the same time.

With a shared donor egg cycle, the two recipients save on expenses by also sharing (splitting) the donor costs.  The shared costs include donor screening, donor medications, the donor egg retrieval procedure and compensation for the donor. Sharing eggs is a growing trend that can save women 30 - 50% percent on the expense of conceiving a child with egg donation, thereby saving thousands of dollars in costs.

With shared cycles, the pregnancy rates are typically no different than those of non-shared donor egg cycles.

Because two recipients are involved, starting a cycle may take a bit longer given that there is a need to secure a second recipient and coordinate cycles.

The only downside of a shared donor cycle, is that there will be a smaller chance of having frozen embryos left for another attempt.

If you are interested in a shared donor egg cycle, look for a clinic that offers a shared donor egg program.