IVF Pregnancy

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To be pregnant following an IVF cycle can be both thrilling and frightening at the same time. For those who have spent years struggling with infertility many women feel cautious and worried. This is completely natural, and with time you will likely be more confident.

The early stages of an IVF pregnancy


After your pregnancy is confirmed, your IVF doctor may have you continue with progesterone hormones. How long he will continue progesterone treatment depends on your particular situation.


In addition, your IVF doctor will also probably continue to check your hormone levels via blood work for a few weeks, at least. The doctor does this to:

  • check for rising hCG hormone levels (pregnancy hormones), in order to ensure the pregnancy is healthy and to watch for very high levels (which may indicate a multiple pregnancy)
  • monitor estrogen levels [especially if symptoms there are symptoms of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)]
  • monitor progesterone levels

Also, the doctor will probably order an ultrasound to check for a multiple pregnancy.

When to see an obstetrician

Normally at 8 weeks, you will leave the care of the IVF doctor and transfer your care to an obstetrician (OB).