Vasectomy Reversal Success Rate directory of vasectomy reversal doctors

Advances in microsurgical techniques, in addition to improved instruments and suture materials, have resulted in greatly improved vasectomy reversal success rates.

When selecting a urologist for a vasectomy reversal, it is wise to ask:

  1. the technique to be used

  2. how many of this technique the urologist has performed

  3. what is the urologist's success rate with this technique.

Microsurgical vasectomy reversal does require additional training.

The success rate of vasectomy reversal and the pregnancy rate vary in each case.

After a vasectomy reversal, the chance of achieving the presence of sperm in the semen is high, however, this does not guarantee pregnancy. Other factors, such as potency of the sperm released in the seminal fluid, come into play.

Also, statistics have shown that success rates can vary, depending on the time span between the vasectomy and the vasectomy reversal:

Years Between Vasectomy &
Vasectomy Reversal
Rate for Sperm in Ejaculate Pregnancy Rate
Less that 3 years 97% 75%
Between 3 - years 90% 50%
More than 15 years 70% 30%

Further information about vasectomy reversal success rate: