Infertility Counselors, Consultants, and Coaches

This web page contains a list of United States fertility counselors, consultants, and coaches who provide infertility counseling, fertility and infertility coaching, infertility consulting, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, mind/body programs, and emotional and psychological fertility support for individuals, couples and groups.

California - Southern (CA)

  • Center for Reproductive Psychology
    (San Diego)
    Providing education, psychological counseling, and supportive services to individuals and couples struggling with infertility, miscarriage and stillbirth, surrogacy and donor technology, adoption, and more.   
  • Elaine R. Gordon, Ph.D.
    (Santa Monica)
    Dr. Gordon is a clinical psychologist with a specialty in infertility, child development, reproductive medicine, and third party family building.
  • Fertility Counseling Services - Kim Bergman, Ph.D
    (Los Angeles)
    Has provided services to hundreds of intended parents, from around the world, to assist them in the complex, yet ultimately extraordinary, assisted reproductive process.      

Georgia (GA)

  • Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine
    (Perimeter, Buckhead, and Johns Creek)
    Our counselors have expertise in treating infertility patients and are available during all phases of your treatment. Offering individual sessions and support groups. 

Massachusetts (MA)

  • Deborah Issokson, Psy.D.
    Since 1993, has worked with hundreds of women, and their partners, on such issues as infertility, pregnancy and birth loss, and related anxiety and depression.