Tubal Reversal Cost

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This page provides information about tubal reversal costs.  Tubal reversal is also known as tubal ligation reversal, tubal reanastomosis, tubotubal anastomosis or tubal sterilization reversal.

When it comes to the cost of tubal reversal there are some things to be aware of if you are considering this procedure or when interviewing a tubal reversal doctor:

  • Several factors affect the cost of a tubal reversal. The cost of tubal reversal can vary by geographic location, by doctor, by facility where the tubal reversal surgery is performed, and by the tubal ligation method that was used.
  • Insurance may, or may not, cover the cost of a tubal reversal procedure. Some insurance companies will pay for part of the procedure. You will need to check with your carrier to determine coverage.
  • Ask about financing options, payment methods allowed, and terms of payment.
  • It is important to determine exactly what is included in a tubal reversal doctor's stated fee for a tubal reversal procedure. Is everything included (e.g., anesthesiologist's fee, surgeon's fee, any operating room and surgical supply costs, post-operative antibiotics and pain medications, and post-operative follow-up)? Ask if there are any hidden costs.
  • Be sure to check if there is a cancellation or rescheduling fee.
  • It is best to research wisely, and compare both the experience of tubal reversal surgeons and their stated costs of tubal reversal procedures. Such information is readily available on tubal reversal doctors' websites.