Creating PDF Files

Most offices typically have files of information in MS Word or Excel format and some of this information may contain rather complex formatting, including:

  • Patient Forms (e.g. release of information, registration form, patient medical application, financial policy forms)
  • Staff Directories

If you want to place this information on your website, you might be tempted to try the following methods:

  • Convert this information (e.g. a form) into a standard web page. However, it's difficult to convert a complex formatted files into a web page.
  • Simply upload your MS Word document, as is, to your website. However, MS Word documents tend to be very large (thus taking longer to download) and not everyone has MS Word on their computer.

If you want to reduce the file size of your MS Word documents and yet still retain the fancy formatting of your files, IHR recommends that you convert your MS Word documents into PDF files and add the PDF files to your website.

What is a PDF File?

The PDF (Portable Data Format) was created by Adobe Systems as a format that is small and compact for fast and easy downloading. The Adobe web page - Adobe Portable Document Format - contains additional information about the PDF format.

How to Create a PDF File

Use one of the following three methods to create a PDF file.

1. Download a Converter Application to Your Computer

There are literally dozens of different applications that you can find on the Internet, which you can download to your computer, and then use to convert a document into PDF Format. Here are some options:

  • Use Adobe Acrobat Standard or Adobe Acrobat Professional. If you use this option, you would be using a brand name application (they created the PDF file), yet you'll pay more for the application.
  • Find a converter application on the Internet by entering keywords into Google, such as "convert file to PDF." You'll find many applications listed. Choose one that is a brand name or that you trust.

2. Use a Hosted Application

The Adobe website offers a hosted service where you can upload your files and the website will convert them to PDF for you. This is a very simple and inexpensive option.

3. Ask IHR to create a PDF file for you

You can email your MS Word files to IHR and we can create a PDF file for you.

How Much Does PDF Format Compress a File?

How much will MS Word documents compress when they are converted into PDF files? In our experience:
  • Files containing only text will typically reduce dramatically in size - perhaps 80-90% reduction.
  • Files containing lots of graphics and/or large tables will not reduce as much in size - perhaps 50% reduction.


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