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The IHR Hosted Egg Donor Database allows you (the egg donor agency or IVF clinic) to enter your egg donors into our IHR database and display those egg donors on your website.

Here are the charges. For an explanation of each of the following service levels, see our Features and Benefits page.

Number of Donors Entered

   Tabular view
   + donor details

    Tabular view
    + donor details
    + donor file download

1 - 99 $55/month $75/month
100 - 199 $65/month $85/month
200 - 299 $75/month $95/month
300 - 399 $85/month $105/month


Additional Information

  • For each additional tier (of 100) above 400 donors, there is an additional $10/month charge.
  • There is a separate charge for the Donor Database and the Surrogate Database.
  • There is a $125 setup fee for a new donor database.

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