IHR Client Support

This web page provides access to information to help IHR's clients in using IHR's services to build  and promote your website.

Managing Your Services with IHR and More

  1. Financing available for fertility treatment

Promoting Your Website on IHR Websites (e.g. IHR.com or VasectomyReversalSpecialists.com)

  1. Getting more traffic to your site from IHR.com
  2. Explanation of IHR.com click-thru statistics reports
  3. Traffic discrepancies between IHR click-thru reports and your hosted web statistics
  4. Tracking referrals from IHR

Enhancing Your Website

  1. Creating PDF Files

Help With Hosting Your Website

  1. Explanation of IHR hosted website statistics reports 
Quicklinks -
IHR Services for Fertility Organizationss
1. Promotion 2. Egg Donor Database