The IHR Team

IHR has put together a great team of people to build effective websites and provide web services that meet your business goals.

Executive Team

Cliff Bernstein, Ph.D. Owner and President. Dr. Bernstein has been building and promoting Internet websites since 1994. Prior to this time, he was a psychotherapist and computer systems analyst. Dr. Bernstein's Web page contains further information.
Sally Kaye, MBA Operations Director.  Sally Kaye comes to IHR from Wells Fargo Bank, where she managed and developed website applications for many years. She currently manages IHR operations, including client website content, client website maintenance, search engine optimization, and finances.

Graphic Artists, Media Producers, and Website Developers

Sarah Davis Creates Photoshop look-and-feel demos for IHR and IHR client sites.
Kumar Desai Creates WordPress websites for IHR and IHR clients.
Robert Szeles Optimizes photos and creates banner ads for IHR.
Ted Kambhu Creates Web movies for IHR clients.
J Blaire Metcalfe Creates Flash movies for IHR clients


Glenn Crocker Provides programming for IHR sites and IHR client sites.
M29 company Provides Drupal programming for IHR sites and IHR client sites.
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IHR Services for Fertility Organizationss
1. Promotion 2. Egg Donor Database