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  1. Advantages of using IHR.com to promote your website - including IHR.com Sends Highly Qualified Traffic
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Background Information About Internet Promotion

  1. Avoid paying lots of money for little return
  2. Web advertising versus newspaper advertising
  3. Tracking conversions from click-thrus to patients

Types of IHR Promotion

Standard text listing
  • Designed for the majority of IHR clients
  • Great value - low-cost, high-traffic listings
Banner ad
  • Designed for strong branding of products or services
Adbar promotion
  • Designed for organizations that are national in scope
  • Generates lots of additional traffic
Dedicated page
  • Designed for strong branding of products or services
  • Generates the most highly targeted traffic
  • Especially helpful for services or products that are difficult to describe in 25 words or less
Specialty Promotion


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