Companies Offering Financing for Fertility Treatment
Sept-Oct 2009

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Due to the current economic situation, many patients are having difficulty obtaining financing for fertility treatment.  Consequently, this page is intended as a resource for those seeking financing.

Companies Offering Financing for Fertility Treatments

Company Who Uses Them? Comments
Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc. (ARC)   Flexible Care Option    
CapexMD San Diego Fertility Center (SDFC) PR announcement on 12/15/10 Advanced Reproductive Concepts  
Health One Financial Advanced Reproductive Concepts  
MedChoice Financial Advanced Reproductive Concepts  
Surgery Loans Advanced Reproductive Concepts   9/23/09 - IHR was told that they offer financing, however, they have large fees for fertility loans.    
Springstone Patient Financing Integramed recommends them  

If you know of any other companies offering financing for fertility treatments, please contact IHR.

Companies No Longer Offering Financing for Fertility Treatments

9/23/09 - IHR has been told that the following companies no longer offer financing for fertility treatments:

If you believe any of the above companies are, in fact, offering financing, please contact IHR.





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