Tracking Referrals from IHR

If you are wondering whether you received referrals from IHR's promotion service, this web page may be helpful.

IHR Sends Lots of Highly Qualified Traffic

IHR sends lots of highly qualified traffic to client sites. You can easily verify this in two ways:

  • IHR can send you a monthly email click-thru report showing all the traffic sent from to your website
  • You can look inside your website hit reports in a "Referrer" section to see the traffic you received from

Although IHR send lots of highly qualified traffic, IHR does not send leads. That is, IHR is similar to the Yellow Pages, in that we don't collect prospect names before we send people to your website.

It is Difficult to Have Solid Referral Data

Because IHR don't collect user names, it can be difficult to track leads/referrals from IHR, for the following reasons:

  • You would need to ask prospects, clients, and/or customers, how they heard about your organization.  And more specifically, ask what website they were on immediately before coming to your website.
  • Someone would need to consistently ask and record this information, so you could ensure that you didn't miss any referrals.
  • Even if you consistently asked the questions and recorded the answers, it is typically difficult for users to remember what site they were on immediately before landing on a website. is not a brand name, so it would be more difficult for users to remember And if the user contacts you a few days later, it would be even more difficult for them to remember they came from
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