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Beginning May 2009, IHR started offering Advanced Website Services which allows our clients to more easily connect with prospective (and current) patients and clients.  Some comments about these services:

  • IHR can easily add one or more of these services to your website; no programming is needed.
  • The IHR services offer you lots of advantages over the current methods of adding these types of features to your website.
  • You will need to be hosted on the IHR server. It's easy to migrate your website into the IHR Advanced Website Services server.
Here's a partial list of IHR's Advanced Website Services:
Feature Comments
Content management
  • This may be the most valuable feature for you.
  • You can update your own web pages, by simply using your browser. This is especially helpful when you have pages that change often, such as seminar dates or donor listings.
  • Very secure. No one else can update the page unless they have a password.
  • Also called "Content Management System" or CMS.
Collaborative authoring
  • Website can have multiple contributors, each with his/her own permissions to update certain sections of the website.
  • You, and/or your associates, can do blogging on your website.
Message boards and forums
  • You can set up message boards for prospective patients to ask you questions
  • Or you can use the message boards for only internal staff communication, that the public cannot see.
  • Includes the ability to mass email all participants.
  • You can conduct polls with patients or with any visitor to your website.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Visitors can register on your website for any service you offer. You can collect their names and email addresses, or any other relevant information.
  • With collected information, you might even send "happy birthday" email announcements to your patients.
  • You can send out newsletters to email addresses you've previously  collected.
  • IHR can this up on your website, however, the newsletter content would be supplied by the client.
News feeds
  • You can add a news page that automatically updates news on a daily basis. This fosters a website that is current with fertility news.
Affiliate programs
  • You can set up affiliate programs and pay other websites to send traffic to your website.
  • It's easy to setup a search feature on your website.
  • Ideally suited for large websites.
Online forms
  • Easy to add as many as you wish.
  • Some examples:
    • request for appointment
    • request for further information
    • preliminary egg donor application
    • RSVP for an event, such as a seminar
  • A great way for users to feel more connected with your staff or to demonstrate a process.
  • You can upload your videos to YouTube and then easily display those videos on your website.
Photo gallery
  • Easy to add.
Shopping cart
  • You can sell products and/or services on your website
Facebook integration
  • Easy to add links to Facebook and other social network websites, and vice versa.


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