IHR Website Hosting/Promotion Package

Congratulations on your interest in using IHR's Hosting/Promotion services for infertility Web sites. IHR is the number one provider of hosting/promotion services for infertility organizations across the United States, including for example, ASRM and numerous university infertility sites. IHR's Hosting/Promotion services are designed for:

  • Clients for whom IHR has built their Web site
  • Clients who have already built a Web site on another server, but wish to move their site to IHR's server to obtain the IHR advantages

This page provides access to the following information about the Website Hosting/Promotion Package:

  1. Introduction to IHR
  2. IHR Website Hosting Advantages
  3. Website Hosting/Promotion Package services
  4. Advanced Website Services
  5. Hosting client list
  6. Development and Hosting Terms of Agreement
  7. Charges for IHR website Hosting/Promotion Package
  8. Order form
  9. Contact IHR
  10. Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Website Hosting
  11. Hosting/Maintenance Package - for second websites with no IHR.com promotion
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