Adbar Promotions

IHR adbar promotions are designed for organizations that are national in scope and want lots of additional traffic. When your ad is placed inside an IHR adbar it will appear on all IHR website pages. Following is additional information about the IHR adbar promotions.


 Your ad would appear in the blue, vertical bar which displays on the right side of all web pages

Format Due to the fact that there is limited real estate available in the adbar, text ads are limited to 110 characters (this includes spaces, organization name, and description). It's about 15 to 18 words.
Charge Current charges are $2.25 to $3.85, per click-thru, depending on current market rates and the type of product/service. Contact IHR for current pricing.
  • Payments are made on a monthly basis, via credit credit card, based on IHR's PPC program.
  • Three-months minimum service
Additional info Listings are placed in alphabetical order. However, to be fair to all organizations, at the beginning of each month, the bottom name will be rotated to the top for the entire month.
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