Promotional Linking Services Agreement

The following Agreement covers all promotional listings, including flat-fee listings, PPC listings, banner ads, and page sponsorships. This Agreement contains the following sections:

A. Listings
B. Charges
C. Payment Terms
D. Cancellation of Services

A. Listings

  1. promotional listings are placed in alphabetical order by organization name. However, to be fair to all organizations, if there are four or more listings in a web page section, then once a month the bottom listing will be rotated to the top for the entire month.

B. Charges

  1. IHR reserves the right to change services and charges at any time. In such an event, prior notification of 30 days will be given to clients.
  2. Charges are incurred at the following times, for the following types of services:
    • Payment in advance of service: Flat-fee listings (e.g., $45/month)
    • Payment after the service period is over: Pay Per Click (PPC) listings and banner ads
  3. A 1.5% per month late fee charge will be applied to invoices that are over 30-days past due.
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE - If you have a Pay Per Click (PPC) listing, note that IHR traffic charges are based on click-thrus, not users. It is possible for one user to click two times. IHR counts that as two clicks. Please review our PPC page for more details.

C. Payment Terms

  1. For Clients who pay with credit card, IHR does the following:
    • about the 13th of each month - we email, or snail mail, the invoice
    • about 10 days after invoicing - we automatically posts the charge to your credit card on account.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE - IHR operates our promotional service as a subscription service. That is, unless you tell us otherwise, IHR assumes that you want to continue with your IHR services and thus we will continue to charge your credit card on file for those ongoing services.
  2. For Clients with pay per click (PPC) listings:
    • Credit card is required
    • 2-month minimum service is required
  3. For Clients with three-month or six-month service periods, IHR sends invoices about 1.5 months ahead of the next service period. So, for example, if your next service period starts on June 1, IHR would send the invoice on about April 13.
  4. The Client is expected to pay for each invoice in full when due. IHR does not carry running balances.
  5. If payments are not made on time, IHR reserves the right to remove the promotional listing(s). If Client cancels the service, Client will still owe any outstanding balance to IHR.
  6. Purchase Orders are acceptable.

D. Cancellation of Services

  1. A Client may cancel the promotional listing service any time prior to the start of their next service period and receive a refund for any pre-payments. For example, if the Client's next service period starts on June 1, the Client may cancel that service period up until May 31.
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