IHR.com Sends Highly Qualified Traffic
to Client Sites

What is qualified traffic?

Getting lots of highly qualified traffic to your site is significantly more important than simply getting lots of traffic.

Qualified traffic equals "Internet users most likely to become your patients / customers."

IHR sends highly qualified traffic, which is defined as Internet users who:

  1. Want fertility services in your geographic area
  2. Are motivated to purchase your services or products
  3. Stay a relatively long time on your website

Let's look at this a little more closely.

Qualification 1: Geographic Area

Assume you provide fertility services in New York and an Internet user in Los Angeles finds your website in a search engine by doing a keyword search on "ICSI." This person will probably not travel to New York for your services.

The IHR solution: Assume an Internet user selects the IHR.com Infertility Clinics page containing a list of service providers, then actively clicks thru to the New York section, then actively clicks thru to your site. This user is clearly looking for services in New York.

Qualification 2: Motivation

Assume you provide tubal reversal services, so you purchase the keywords "tubal reversal" for $3.00 per click-thru in Google. The Internet user who clicks thru to your site may only be interested in educational information about tubal reversal, so may not be likely to become a patient.

The IHR solution: Assume an Internet user selects the IHR.com Tubal Reversal Doctors page containing a list of service providers. At this point, we can assume they are actively looking for services, rather than education.

Qualification 3:  Quality of the Traffic IHR.com Sends to Your Website

Our clients get traffic from lots of sources, however, often they want to know if that traffic is high quality traffic.

The IHR solution: Over the 25 years we've been sending traffic to client's websites, clients have consistently reported the high quality of the traffic from www.IHR.com .  Our clients' Google Analytics statistics consistently report the following quality indicators when comparing  IHR.com traffic to other sources of their traffic: low bounce rate, higher number of pages visited, and longer session duration (often markedly longer). 

The IHR.com pages provide successive screening,
in order to send only the most highly qualified traffic to your site.

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