Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

~ for Website Promotion ~

IHR has received many unsolicited testimonials from clients thanking us for our excellent promotion of their services and products:

  • "Really appreciate the great work that you do. IHR is one of the best referrals for _______ that we have."
  • "We were going through an SEO audit of [one of our IVF clinics] today, and an analysis of similar websites showed IHR.com as extraordinarily strong in search-engine visibility. I'm constantly impressed by the amount and quality of traffic you are able to generate."
  • "IHR sends us very high quality traffic who convert to becoming patients. I own stock in Google, and if I could buy stock in IHR, I would."
  • "I have done 3 MTRs so far on patients who found me through your website [in the past 7 weeks], and one coming up this week :-)"
  • "Thank you so much for your service. My site stats prove your web site is instrumental in driving clients to my website."
  • "We have been SWAMPED with potential clients and are very happy with the results of our listing with you!"
  • "We are very happy with the exposure that your site has given us. We would like to increase our monthly cap...."
  • "We hadn't received any calls in the previous six months, yet in the first month of our listing on IHR.com, I received six contacts from potential parents."
  • "Thanks to you, the Donor Program is even bigger than I can handle!"
  • "The response has been good so far.  We have been getting several requests for tubal ligation info....things are going well, we even have a few phone calls from patients that saw our web site.  Thanks for your help."
  • "The numbers are impressive, and I am grateful to you. IHR.com has become a vital source of referrals to me and I am receptive to any new approaches that may come to your mind in the future."
  • "Just checking in to let you know we are getting a nice stream of traffic, Can you make any further recommendations to attract more RECIPIENTS? We are overflowing with donors and would like the recipients to be able to find us online. We currently have 2 coming in from out of state to see our donor inventory? Let me know. Thank you."
  • "Thank you for your excellent service you provide to us."
  • "You guys are absolutely amazing. Thank you for being so prompt!!!"
  • "I think advertising with ihr.com is an extremely cost-effective way to advertise. Many thanks"
  • "I just wanted to tell you that I think the ihr.com is helping my business. Thanks. I've gotten many more infertility patients. and so far, have 5 patients pregnant out of 6 in the last 3 months."
  • "Thus far, we have been overwhelmingly happy with the traffic we have received as it has been considerably more than we expected."
  • From a marketing consultant working with an IVF clinic - "Dr. _____ had received a solicitation from another organization claiming high rankings for key-phrases related to infertility. He asked me to do some research on whether this would be a good use of his advertising dollars. In my searching, your site came up with great rankings for several of his key-phrases, so I recommended he promote his site with you."
  • "We are very pleased with the traffic we have received from your site. We would like to add some more states [i.e. more listings]."
  • "Thank you for getting this done so quickly! Everything is accurate. I appreciate your help."
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