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Following is a couple of methods to add your detailed 20-page donor (medical) questionnaire to the IHR Egg Donor Database. Note that there is a small additional charge for the IHR "donor file download" service.

Prospective Donor Method to Answer Questions Workflow and Comments
(includes approximate labor hours in bold)
1) Handwrite answers on a hardcopy questionnaire.
  1. Prospective donor downloads a blank form (PDF or MS Word) from the Donor Program website, handwrites her answers on the form, and returns the completed form to the donor program.
  2. Donor programs then does one of the following with the completed handwritten form:
    • scans the form into electronic format
    • or retypes the form into electronic format (e.g. an MS Word document)
  3. Donor program then converts the file into PDF format, and uploads the PDF file to the IHR Egg Donor Database.


2) Enter answers into a PDF form which contains  enterable fields.
  1. Donor Program converts an existing MS Word questionnaire into a PDF file with enterable fields. This work does not require a large amount of technical skill, however, it is very labor intensive because each and every MS Word field must be converted into a PDF enterable field. You would need to purchase a conversion application, such as Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard
  2. Donor Program uploads the blank PDF form (with enterable fields) to their website.
  3. Prospective donor downloads the form from the Donor Program website, completes the PDF form by entering information into data fields, saves the form to their computer, then emails the form to the Donor Program.
  4. Donor Program then uploads the completed PDF file to the IHR Egg Donor Database, where recipients can now download the PDF form.


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