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This Agreement is between IHR and the Egg Donor Program which wishes to use the IHR Hosted Egg Donor Database.

A. Definitions and Business Relationships

For the purpose of using the IHR Egg Donor Database, following is a clarification of the business relationships between IHR, Egg Donor Program, Egg Donors, and Prospective Recipients.

  1. Definition of Egg Donor Program:

    The Egg Donor Program is either an IVF Clinic (with a donor program) or an external donor agency, that wishes to use the IHR Egg Donor Database. In this agreement, the Egg Donor Program, may also be called the Client.
  2. The Purpose of the IHR Hosted Egg Donor Database:

    The IHR Database is offered as a way for Egg Donor Programs to effectively display their donors online. The IHR Database is not offered as a way for Egg Donor Programs to get additional traffic to their website. If an IHR client wants additional traffic to view their online egg donors, then the client can get a listing on the IHR.com Egg Donor and Surrogacy Programs page. For further information about IHR's promotion services, refer to IHR Website Promotion page.
  3. Business Relationships:
    • IHR's business relationship is solely with the Egg Donor Program.
    • IHR does not have a business relationship with the egg donors that are entered into the IHR Database or the Prospective recipients that use the IHR Database.
    • The IHR Database is not intended for use by individual egg donors who wish to offer their egg donation services.
  4. Who Provides What Services:

    Because IHR's business relationship is solely with the Egg Donor Program:
    • IHR does not provide any donor consent forms. Those forms should be provided by the egg donor agency to their egg donors.
    • Any donor privacy issues are between the donor agency and its donors. For example, if a donor does not want their photo shown online, then it is up the donor agency to not show the photo.

B. Donor Program Requirements

In order to protect the privacy of the egg donors and to ensure that all egg donors have been properly vetted, IHR requites the following of Egg Donor Programs that wish to use the IHR Hosted Egg Donor Database:

  1. Egg Donor Programs must receive written consent from the egg donors prior to posting the egg donors' photos in the IHR Egg Donor Database.
  2. Egg Donor Programs must adequately ensure the privacy of all egg donors posted in the IHR Database. So, for example, Egg Donor Programs must not put uniquely identifying information (e.g., egg donor name, street address, or telephone number) into the IHR Database,
  3. Egg Donor Programs must have vetted all the egg donors prior to entering them into the IHR Egg Donor Database. That is, the donors must have been interviewed, evaluated, and have signed legal  contracts with the agency.

C. Charges, Invoicing, and Payments

  1. After the Client signs up for the IHR Hosted Egg Donor Database, IHR will then set up the Client in the database and send an email with instructions for entering donors.
  2. IHR begins charging for the service when the Database instruction email is sent to the Client.
  3. Due to the labor time for IHR to set up the database for a client, there is a minimum initial three-month service period.
  4. Payment is due in advance of services for that month. For existing IHR clients, charges will be included in your regular invoice.
  5. Payment can be made via credit card only. Checks are not accepted for payment.
  6. Charges are based on a combination of the number of donors entered and the level of service. If the Client changes the number of entered donors or the level of service, during a month, IHR will change the the monthly charge, accordingly.
  7. A 1.5% per month late fee charge will be applied to invoices that are over 30-days past due.
  8. If payments are not made on time, IHR reserves the right to deactivate the Client's donors that were entered into the Database. If Client cancels the service, Client will still owe any outstanding balance to IHR.

D. Database Fields and Values

  1. Although it is highly unlikely, IHR may add or update specific values in the IHR Database. For example, IHR might change the Education value of "Graduate degree" to "MA or PhD".
  2. IHR has worked very hard to establish a solid list of field values for the IHR Database. These field values are presented in "drop-down lists" of values which cannot be changed by the client. For example, the IHR Database contains the following values for Eye Color: Black Blue Brown Gray Green Hazel. The Client cannot change these values.

E. Additional Items

  1. Because this is a new software application that may be unfamiliar to prospective IHR clients, IHR may show the public display of your donors to prospective Clients. IHR would only show what is currently displayed from your website.
  2. The IHR Database data is backed up nightly. However, IHR strongly recommends that Clients also have backups of all their data which they've entered into the IHR Hosted Egg Donor Database.


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