National Egg Donor Database

(planned for 2021)

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Here's some information, for donor programs, about IHR's upcoming National Egg Donor Database:


    IHR will own and operate this new website. The national database will include donors from lots of donor agencies around the United States. Here are advantages to you:
    1. You will have a new channel to promote your donors.
    2. We will send you prospective donors and prospective recipients.
    3. We can batch load your donor data for you.

    Imagine you signed up to be in our National Database as a recipient or as a donor...
    • Recipients - A prospective recipient user might review your donor and be interested in getting further information. So, they would click on a "Get More Information About This Donor" button and complete/submit a short online form. We would then automatically send you their contact information and questions.
    • Donors - A prospective donor might wish to apply to your donor program. They would then complete/submit an online application form and we would email you their information. You can then approve or deny the donor inside the National Database. If you approve the donor, then we load their donor information into your administrative area.  You can then update their online information and later publish that information to the National Database. You would not need to manually enter any duplicate donor  information.

    We'll provide you with an administrative panel, where you can:
    1. manage all your donors inside the donor database
    2. track ongoing communication threads with each recipient, about specific donors
    3. export key donor data to a CSV file
    4. edit and publish donor information
    5. allow donors to submit and update the donor data online
    6. cut off donors from making further online updates to their donor data
    7. upload donor photos and videos
    8. track each recipient's favorite donors in your donor pool
    9. track overall favorite donors from the recipients
    10. communicate directly with donors and recipients inside the donor database
  4. DEMO:

    We will post instructions for testing the National Donor Database when the time is appropriate.
    • For the first few months, there will be no charge to egg donor programs, then IHR will make an assessment.
    • There will never be charges to recipients. 
    • We are now setting up a methodology to batch load your donors into our database.
      You would only need to approve the batch loading, and supply us with a recipient username and password to access your database.
    • We would not need to access your backend database.
    • In the future, we might also be able to do automatic regular (e.g. weekly or monthly) batch updates to your National Database donor data.
    • It takes considerable labor time to set up the technology for the initial batch load. IHR will batch load your donors at no charge, if you have a large number of donors. If not, you can:
      • pay IHR a small fee for setting up the batch load...
      • or manually enter your donors into the National Database. It takes about 2 minutes to enter each donor.




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