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Our upcoming Partner Donor Database is one of the three new donor databases in our Release 3. The Partner Donor Database will allow IHR clients to create virtual donor databases consisting of their own donors and donors from their partner organizations.

There is nothing currently like this on the Internet.

A. Major Features

Following is an example of how the Partner Donor Database works. Note that the following sites are TEST SITES... the organizations and donors are for demonstration purposes only .

  1. Assume you are the administor for ORG #1... so now access their Partner Donor Database here -  
  2. THREE DISPLAY OPTIONS - There are three options for displaying have three different options for displaying ORG #1 donors and their partners' donors:
    1. Display ORG #1 donors and their partners' donors on separate pages - this is the option that ORG #1 is using for this online example
    2. Display ORG #1 donors and their partners' donors all on the same page
    3. Don't publicly display ORG #1 partners' donors, but rather ORG #1 can provide recipients with the web address which contains their partners' donors.  
  3. Now click on the "Display our partners' egg donors" link, and you'll access the page that displays ORG #1's partners' donors.....ORG #3, ORG #4, and ORG #5.

  4. PARTNER INFORMATION IS ALWAYS UP TO DATE - When ORG #3, ORG #4, and ORG #5 update their donor information (e.g., change the donor's status from "available" to "not available"), that update will be immediately reflected in the ORG #1 Partner Donor Database.
    1. The ORG #3, ORG #4, and ORG #5 administrators can each only update their own donor information
    2. and the ORG #1 administrator cannot update their partner's donor information

B. Major Benefits

  1. You can create a virtual database that allow you to display many many more donors than are in your organization's donor pool.
  2. You can create new business arrangements with your partners. See below for details.
  3. For any of your partners that are using the IHR Private Egg Donor Database, all their donor information will be real-time data. That is, when the partner organization updates their donor record (e.g. changes the donor's status from unavailable to available), that change will show up in your Partner Donor Database. So, your database will not display out-of-date data from your partners.

C. Organizations Which Will Benefit from the Partner Donor Database

Our Partner Donor Database offers huge advantages to the following types of fertility organizations, as described in the sections below:

  1. IVF Clinics
  2. Donor Agencies
  3. Donor Aggregators

1. Advantages for IVF Clinics

Assume you represent an IVF clinic with a pool of 30 donors.  If you work with five donor agencies and each agency has 100 donor, then you can display 530 donors in your private donor database.

Your business advantages:

  1. Your IVF clinic will look like it has a very large donor pool. That's impressive.
  2. If the recipient can find a donor in your virtual pool of 530 donors, then it is highly likely that that recipient will select your IVF clinic for their IVF service.
  3. In contrast, if you only displayed your 30 donors, the recipient might find a suitable donor in a donor agency's donor pool. And, unfortunately, the donor agency might steer the recipient toward another IVF clinic. In this case, you would have lost that prospective patient.

2. Advantages for Donor Agencies

Assume your donor agency has 100 donors.  

Then imagine the following....If you have five partner donor agencies, each with 100 donors, then you would display 600 donors, rather than 100 donors, on your website.

This could be a huge advantage for you....

Your business advantages:

With your "virtual partner donor database," you can have new business arrangements with your partners. For example:

  1. Your donor agency might do the donor selection and testing, whereas your partner's donor agency might do the donor management...or vice versa. You can split the fees with your partner organization.

  2. Or, you might use the above business arrangements, but on a donor-by-donor, case-by-case basis.

  3. Or, If you need Asian donors or out of state donors, then your partner can supply you with Asian donors or out of state donors.

3. Advantages for Donor Aggregators

Read this section if you represent one of the following types of organizations:

  1. Consulting agency that does not have it's own donor pool, but works with lots of donor agencies
  2. A corporation that owns or operates multiple donor agencies or IVF clinics
  3. An organization that works with partner IVF clinics

Your business advantages:

  1. You do not have to have your own donor pool. You can display hundreds or thousands of your partners' donors on your website.
  2. For any of your partners that are using the IHR Private Egg Donor Database, all their donor information will be real-time data. That is, when your partner changes their donor data, that change will be reflected in your Partner Donor Database.
  3. When a prospective recipient is interested in one of the donors, you can have their email request be sent to both you and your partner.
  4. You give users more reasons to want to go to your website.
  5. You can aggregate and analyze the data from your partners' donor databases, and then give value-added feedback to your partner donor programs.
  6. You can use the Partner Egg Donor Database only internally within your office, or you can display your Partner Database to the public on your website.


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