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IHR has received many unsolicited testimonials from satisfied clients thanking us for our IHR Hosted Egg Donor Database:

  • "Using your egg donor database has dramatically reduced our staff time to manage the whole egg donation process"
  • "The database works well for us. A great price-point. We've had 25 out of state and local recipient prospects contact us recently from the database."
  • "I started putting some of the donors in the database this afternoon. It looks really great!! I am sooo pleased with how easy it is and how great the site looks. Dr. ____ is REALLY excited about how professional it looks! Thanks."
  • "I jumped on that feature so fast it would make your head spin and I let out a whoop my neighbors could hear!!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!"
  • "We've been adding donors to the database, and are getting great feedback from our recipients! Thanks again." 
  • "Great database....very easy to use."
  • "It was really easy to put in [the donors] and all of the data fields were definitely available."
  • "I love the database so much I'd like to upgrade to display donor details." 
  • "(The database is) wonderful and very easy to use. I thank you for the service and for all the work and information you provide."


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