Getting More Traffic from Pages

If you want to get even more traffic from pages, this page describes three major methods:

  • Promote in multiple states
  • Promote on multiple pages
  • Obtain a banner ad

Promote Your Services in Multiple States

Many IHR clients are attracting patients from other states, by obtaining additional state listings on pages. For example, if your IVF center or egg donation program has an office in New York, you can also promote your services into the nearby states of New Jersey and Connecticut. We can quickly and easily set add additional listings for you - contact IHR.

Promote Your Services on Multiple Pages

If you offer multiple types of services, you can advertise those services on multiple provider pages: page Comments
Infertility Clinics  
Egg Donor / Surrogacy Programs * This page sends potential egg donors as well as recipients to your site.
* IHR can make the link go directly to your donor program page.
* Even if your program uses external donor egg agencies, you can still promote your egg donation program on this page to obtain recipients.
Natural Treatment If you represent an IVF clinic which also offers e.g. acupuncture, you can promote the acupuncture services on this page.
Male Infertility and Reproduction Doctors If you represent an IVF clinic which also offers male infertility services, you can promote those services on this page.
Infertility Products If you represent an infertility service organization that also sells fertility products, you can promote those products on this page.
Financial Assistance If you represent an IVF clinic or egg donation program which offers financing or a shared risk program, you can promote that program on this page.
Tubal Reversal If you represent an IVF clinic which offers tubal reversal, you can promote that service on this page.

We can quickly and easily set add additional listings for you - contact IHR.

Obtain a Banner Ad

If your organization attracts patients/customers nationally, rather than in one or two states, than you can get a banner ad on any page. The following page explains this - Banner Ad and Page Sponsorship - Services and Charges.

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