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1. We've built over 60 fertility websites

We have been building fertility websites since 1995 for organizations across the United States. You have assurances that IHR has a solid track record of over 60 completed website projects. See complete website list.

2. We build websites that rank high in search engines

There are many website developers who can build attractive websites, but have no idea how to build sites that are optimized for search engines (e.g., Google, etc.). We've seen many instances of good-looking sites, that do very poorly in search engines and, therefore, are never -- or rarely -- seen.

You want potential patients to easily find your site on the Internet. To do this, your site needs search engine optimization (SEO). At IHR, we don't see SEO as an afterthought. Rather, we build fertility websites, from the ground up, to rank well in search engines. Period. We know how to do that.

So, feel free to talk with us about how we do this. You don't want to be left with a website that is rarely visited.

3. We build websites exclusively for fertility organizations

Because of our years of focus on infertility organizations and their websites, we know how the industry works, and we have insight into operations. We know how to create a fertility site that will meet your business goals. Some examples:

  • Obtain more egg donors and/or recipients from your site - If you operate a donor egg program, IHR knows how to build an efficient and effective donor egg process into your website, so that you can obtain more egg donors and/or recipients. We build the appropriate forms, the workflow, and proper design to help you attract more egg donors and recipients.

    We also have our egg donor database available for you to display your egg donors on your website in an integrated fashion -- in a password protected area .
  • Develop compelling content for fertility patients - We understand what fertility patients are looking for, and what they need. Therefore, can help you write effective web pages and effectively organize your website.
  • Develop website workflow that makes it easier to manage your practice - We help our clients use their websites to enhance their fertility practice workflow. For example, you can have lots of forms online (and if appropriate, in password protected areas), such as: authorization for release of information, financial policies, patient registration forms, new patient packets.

4. We provide Advanced Website Services

Many website developers can build decent-looking websites. However, remember that you then you must rely on them every time you want to make the slightest update to your website. Will they be available?  How fast will they respond to your request for an emergency update?

With IHR, we build all websites with a content management system which allows you to update your website whenever you wish. If you don't want to make the updates yourself, we can do it for you. Either way, it's all under your control.

Additionally, due to the advanced technology that we employ, you can easily add features into your website such as: blogs, collaborative authoring, message boards and forums, polls, podcasting, YouTube videos, membership, newsletter, news feeds, etc.  Read more.

5. We build professional healthcare websites

If you're considering selecting a website developer, be wary of the following:

  • High-end developer - This developer may add lots of entertaining graphics, but are those graphics appropriate for a healthcare site where patients need assurance factors, not entertainment. Of the developer may spend so much time adding graphics that they ignore the all-important keywords for effective search engine optimization.
  • Novice developer - Sure you can hire your brother-in-law or friend who can build you an inexpensive website, but will that site convey the professional image that you need.
  • Local developer - There's always a comfort in having face-to-face meetings with a local website developer, but it isn't wise to select a developer solely due to close proximity. "Local" may not give you the high quality fertility website skills you'll need for an effective site. Today, with the Internet, you can hire an Internet specialist anywhere in the country, or the world! 

In contrast, IHR has been building professional-quality websites for fertility practices, for over 15 years. We know how to build these sites so they meet your practice goals.

6. One vendor for all your website needs

Many fertility practices hire a website developer, and then a hosting company, and then a search engine optimization expert. But in these situations, it's very easy to work to fall between the cracks. One vendor will say that the work (or a problem) is another vendor's responsibility.

With IHR, you won't experience that. You'll deal with one vendor that effectively integrates website development, website hosting, and website promotion into one end-to-end package designed for your needs. There will be a smooth transition from phase to phase. We cover it all.

7. Additional advantages of using IHR


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