Banner Ad - Services and Charges

In addition to offering promotional text listings, IHR also offers banner ads, which provide an effective method for reaching large numbers of highly targeted infertility Internet users.

Banner ads are best suited for IHR clients who:

A. Banner Ad Services

  • IHR displays a maximum of two banner ads per page. This keeps IHR pages looking clean and educational, rather than cluttered and ad-filled.
  • Charges are 4 cents per page view.
  • Three-months minimum service
  • Before submitting your banner ad image, please review IHR's banner ad recommendations.

B. Banner Ad Requirements

  1. Dimensions:  560px by 70px maximum = aspect ratio of 8.0
  2. File size: 50K maximum (for faster download of IHR Web pages)
  3. Image resolution: 72 pixels per inch
  4. Format:  JPG, GIF, or PNG
  5. No dynamic/moving images: they're too distracting on IHR Web pages
  6. No overly hyped text:  Do not use text that will make your ad appear overly hyped. So...
    • don't use explicit comparative superlatives about success rates, status, or services
    • don't use words such as "the best" or "the only"
    • don't include success rates


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