IHR Lead-Generation Service

Since January 1995, IHR has been sending highly targeted click-thrus to fertility provider practices. However, in January 2013, IHR also began offering our new lead-generation service. A lead is an interested person who provides the following information:

  • full name
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • zip code
  • questions and comments


  1. You can get both click-thrus (from IHR.com pages) and receive leads.
  2. Contact IHR for charges.
  3. The lead-generation service is currently available on the following IHR.com pages:
  4. To see what a "lead" listing looks like, go to our IVF Clinics page, and click on the link for any "FEATURED" listing.
  5. We also provide you with an administrative area where you can monitor and manage your leads.


  1. Easily see the value of this IHR promotion service. IHR will send a name with contact info, rather than anonymous click-thru data. So, within a few months, you can easily see whether leads are converting into IVF patients or new clients.
  2. Increase follow-up and efficiency with your leads. You can now easily monitor whether your office staff is following up on the leads (via your admin area). You can stop emailing the lead information around the office to different staff. All your relevant staff will be able to always see the latest status of each lead in your online admin area.
  3. Reduce mistakes in contacting leads. Because all your relevant staff have access to the same information, you can avoid mistakes, such as two different staff calling the same lead for the "first time."
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