IHR.com Advantages Over
Standard Search Engines

Standard search engines (e.g., Google) can send traffic to your infertility Web site, which provides some effective promotion benefits:

  • You don't have to pay the search engine for the traffic.
  • Users can find your site with the exact keywords you wish (e.g. "IVF New York").

However, the IHR.com Web site promotion offers numerous advantages over standard search engines.

NOTE: For a comparison of IHR.com Pay Per Click (PPC) promotion over search engines' PPC, refer to our IHR.com Advantages Over PPC Search Engines page.

  Promotion via
Promotion via
Search Engines
Guaranteed listing? YES. IHR guarantees listings, for example on:
  Infertility Clinics
  Egg Donor Programs
NO. You cannot get guaranteed listings.
Guaranteed placement? YES. IHR guarantees that your promotional listing will be readily seen. NO. You cannot get guaranteed placement. If your site is #200 in a list of 10,000 pages, it's unlikely that your site would be found.
Sends qualified traffic? YES. YES. YES. IHR's pages send highly qualified traffic to local providers. The users are actively looking for a provider in IHR's clients local areas. TYPICALLY NO. Search engines rarely send regionally qualified traffic to local providers.
Guaranteed promotional description? YES. With a Description Listing, you can write your own 25 word description. NO. You cannot write your own promotional descriptions. The search engine generates a description, which may not be what you want.
Low costs (i.e., time and money)? YES. You spend very little money and very little time. NO. Although, search engine traffic is typically free of charge, it is not free of labor. It typically takes a lot of time and effort to promote your site in search engines. Additionally, hiring a Search Engine Optimization company can be expensive.
Consistency of traffic YES. Highly consistent traffic to client's sites, due to ongoing guaranteed placement. NO. Traffic volume can vary depending on the constantly shifting search engine rankings.
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