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"So why should we use the IHR Hosted Egg Donor Database?"

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If you already have online egg donor listings, you might be asking "So why should we use the IHR Hosted Egg Donor Database?"  Following is a short quiz that will allow you to determine if your online donor listings are really helping you achieve your business goals.

If you answer "no" to any of the following questions, you may want to take a closer look at the many advantages the IHR Hosted Egg Donor Database.

IHR Questions for You IHR Hosted Egg Donor Database Solution
1) Are your donor listings in tabular format?

If your donor listings are not in tabular format, then prospective recipients:

  • will not be able to readily find the type of donor they want.
  • will have to carefully read through all the listings (and perhaps many pages of information).
  • may get frustrated and leave your website.
  • may experience your organization as unhelpful.
The IHR Database displays donors in tabular format.
  • Users can easily scan the list to quickly find the type of donor they are interested in.
  • Users are more likely to experience your organization as helpful.
2) Can a user quickly sort your tabular list to find the donors they want?

If your table format is not sortable, then prospective recipients:

  • are forced to scan thru your entire table of donors. Users expect to be able to sort a table of data to find the data they want.
  • cannot easily compare features of donors.
The IHR Database allows prospective recipients to quickly sort or filter the donor list.
  • Users can sort the entire list, e.g. by race or availability.
  • Users can filter the list to only display donors, e.g. with green eyes.
  • Users can easily compare like-features, e.g. review all donors who are about 5' 9".
3) Are you able to present lots of donor details?

If prospective recipients cannot find sufficient data about a donor, then they:

  • may not take the next step to call you.
  • may leave your website.
The IHR Database allows you to display lots of detailed donor information.
  • You can display up to 20 photos, in a photo gallery, for each donor.
  • You can provide PDF files or Excel spreadsheets of data for each donor.
  • Prospective recipients will more likely experience your organization as helpful to their needs.
4) Are your donors attractively displayed?

If prospective recipients experience an unattractive display of your donors, then they:

  • May assume your organization lacks  professionalism.
  • May assume your organization doesn't pay attention to details.
The IHR Database is designed to attractively display your donors.
  • Users are more likely to experience your organization as highly professional.
  • Users are more likely to think "if they paid attention to details on their donor database, they will also pay attention to the details of my care."
5) Can you easily update your online donor listings?

Some clinics or agencies have difficulty updating their online donor listings. For example, they may:

  • Have to wait while someone else updates the listings
  • Have to pay someone else to add or update donor listings
The IHR Database allow you to easily and quickly add and update donors.
  • Enter new donors in about two minutes each, using mostly easy-to-use drop-down menus.
  • Don't need to use FTP sorftware to upload donor pages to the server. Simply access your administration panel with your web browser.
  • Update the donor list for free, whenever you want.
6) Are enhancements or bug-fixes to your donor listings free of charge?
  • Typically IVF clinics and agencies have to pay a website developer or programmer to make bug fixes or add enhancements.
  • IHR knows of numerous agencies that have simply not fixed their donor databases because perhaps the original programmer is gone or the cost is too high.
IHR fixes bugs and provides Database enhancements for free.
  • IHR is providing an ongoing service; you are not buying a product that you get stuck with.
  • The IHR service is similar to a telephone or utility service. If something is not right, we fix it fast for free.


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